The Warsaw Bookfair Collective –

A.D.A. Pulawska –

A.D.A. PUŁAWSKA is alternative space located in Warsaw, acting as an autonomous socio-cultural center. A.D.A.PUŁAWSKA relies entirely on grass-roots social activity. Accepting the principle of non–profit organizations, this space has been created to support non-profit social and cultural activities, initiated by independent individuals, groups and organizations. Currently A.D.A. PUŁAWSKA consist of: community, theater and concert hall, cinema, library, gallery, screen printing workshop, freeshop, urban garden, and place for artists studios and workshops.

Galeria V9 –

V9 is a space created by the Vlepvnet group to celebrate street art and related phenomena. We hold exhibitions, organize workshops and discussions, provide artists with the space and tools they need to create. We aim at presenting a critical, in-depth perspective of graffiti and street art, thus rejecting decorative and instrumental notions of urban art and dragging out what has been swept under the city’s rug: ugly forms and unruly emotion.